About Dotted Line

You’re the one who’s always on the hunt for that special *something*, that one-of-a-kind find to become your next signature piece.  Whether it’s your spring jacket, your next hidden-gem travel destination or your favorite go-to earrings, you seek the road less traveled.

What fuels me is helping women celebrate themselves, their bodies, their beauty, their family, their stories, their heritage. I love creating pieces that women deeply connect to. Maybe it’s a big ol’ pair of feather earrings that make you feel like a QUEEN. Or a custom piece that incorporates grandma's pearls, or a loved one’s birthstone. Or perhaps it’s a memento one of us picked up... along that road less traveled.

I scour flea markets and antique shops from Bordeaux to Jerusalem, on the hunt for one-of-a-kind treasures that tell a story, to help you tell yours.

In retrospect, I think I owe a lot of this to my my mother, Nancy.  The original antique-huntress. Always on the lookout for the uncommon, the well-crafted, the original. She was also a skilled craftswoman, and the woman who taught me about personal style and flair. 

I first picked up my own tools in my early twenties while studying abroad in Tel Aviv. Alongside my coursework in language, history and religion... I discovered my first carnelian, turquoise, and amber. Dotted Line’s humble beginnings started there, and soon enough, jewelry became my religion.

For over 10 years I’ve enjoyed sourcing quality one-of-a-kind findings around Europe and the Middle East, adorning clients one-on-one, and partnering with local stores throughout the US and abroad.

But my greatest pleasure... is carrying forward this legacy of bringing beauty into the world, and using it to help women exalt their bold, their fierce, their feminine... as they walk their own road less traveled.