Special care for your special things....

Here’s a great tip for avoiding tangles while you travel: Store each necklace in its own ziploc baggie (like those those tiny pill-pouch ones). Place the entire necklace in the baggie, but leave just the clasp on the outside, and close the zipper around it. Voila, no. more. tangles.

Earring backs:
I include them with every purchase, and I can't recommend strongly enough that you use them! Your local craft store will usually carry them, but you can also get in touch with me and I'll send you some. For real. 

With time, brass will develop a natural patina. I love the antiqued/vintage look, if you don't, you can rub it away with a little mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. Just keep rubbing it in to your piece until you achieve the desired shine.

Both silver polish cloth and commercial tarnish remover work great. You can also use a mix of toothpaste with a touch of water. Keeps your silver nice and shiny...and minty fresh.

Gold fill:
Remove unwanted tarnish from your gold fill pieces with a silver polish cloth.

Your lifestyle will inform how your leather earrings wear and take shape. I wear mine every day and like a good pair of shoes, they've softened.  They curl a touch at the edges where they hit my shoulders, in a really lovely organic way. That said, if you want to keep yours in pristine condition, don't store them in direct sunlight and take them off before cliff diving.