Meanings and Properties

Agate - clarity, confidence, communication

Dendritic agate - growth and wisdom through inner work

Amethyst - protection, divine connection, release of addictions, purification

Aquamarine - enhancement of clear communication, soothing, cooling

Carnelian - vitality, confidence, courage, sexuality, action

Chalcedony - centeredness, calm, balance

Chrysoprase - forgiveness, compassion, connection with nature

Citrine - creativity, manifestation, personal will, mental clarity

Garnet - protection during travel, emotional healing, self worth

Iolite - inner vision, shamanic journeying, healing of old wounds

Kyanite - empathy, psychic ability, past life recall

Labradorite - magic, protection

Lapis lazuli - royal virtues, truthful communication

Moonstone - intuition, mystery, dreams, self-discovery, insight, the goddess

Onyx - discipline, focused attention, will power, self mastery, reason

Peridot - prosperity, warmth, well-being

Prehnite - communication with nonphysical beings, inner peace, union of heart and will

Pyrite - confidence, masculine energy, action, vitality

Quartz - amplification of intentions, clearing, memory enhancement, cleansing

Rose quartz - emotional healing, love, gentleness

Rutilated quartz - expanding awareness, grounding

Ruby - life force, passion, courage, strength

Smoky quartz - organization, grounding, transmutation of negative energies

Spinel - revitalization, inspiration, new hope

Topaz (blue) - enhancement of mind and communication

Turquoise - wholeness, communication and spiritual expansion


Create a piece of jewelry with your birthstone - or the birthstone of someone you love.

January: garnet

February: amethyst

March: aquamarine

April: diamond

May: emerald

June: pearl, moonstone

July: ruby

August: peridot, spinel

September: sapphire

October: opal, tourmaline

November: citrine, topaz

December: turquoise, tanzanite