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A piece to uplift and inspire.

The center piece of this necklace is a sterling silver chai charm. It was in the 18th century in Eastern Europe that chai first started to be used as a symbol worn on pendants and amulets 

Chai is a symbol that highlights the importance of life, encouraging people to do good works, always respect ethics and enjoy their time in this world. The common Jewish toast “L’chaim!”  translates to “Here’s to life!" - an invocation of  all the good things to come.

This piece is paired with a sterling silver nun charm, first letter of the Hebrew word netzach, or eternity. And finally, a sterling silver feather, representing spiritual evolution. If you need a little spirit-picker-upper, this just might be the piece for you. 

These treasures hang from 21" of a fine sterling silver cable chain with vintage accents. 

Please allow up to 7-9 days for your Eternity to ship. 
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