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Feel the Quiet


This half inch silver coin is imprinted with a Star of David, at the center it reads "Zion", in hebrew. It's paired with a clear quartz point, and a faceted smoky quartz rondelle. All hang from an oxidized sterling silver chain. 

“Let the quiet tuck you in.
Let the quiet massage your shoulder.
Let the quiet embrace you; feeling all the dimensions of your skin.
Feel the quiet between your toes.
Behind your earlobes.
Under your tongue. 
Over the space above your heart. 
In the cells regenerating from the wounds.
Let it permeate through your blood.
Indigo & Cyan.
Eyes watching Zion.
Be the quiet

- Antonia Perdu

• Silver pendant found in Israel
• All natural gemstones
• Oxidized sterling silver chain measures 21"

Please allow up to 7-9 business days for your necklace to ship.