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Charms and coins have long been used as talismans for luck, prosperity, health and protection. This piece, one in my "Queen of Corona" series, is about being grateful to have food in the fridge, clothes on our backs, and points of light to show us the way through the darkness. It incorporates gold and darkened silver, speaking to both the celebrations, and struggles, of our lives.

This piece weaves together detail, intention and possibility.

A labradorite spear recalls mystery and magic. Through a series of wire wraps, it rests into a golden crown, anchoring the entire piece. There's smoky quartz for grounding. A sterling silver hamsa for protection and luck. Fork, knife and spoon to share humble thanks for the sustenance that keeps us going, and the many hands involved in getting it to us.

Mary, to invite in that powerful af, divine feminine whatwhat. You know the one. 

One available. This listing is for pendant only. Chain #19 featured.

• 21" short/long oxidized sterling silver box chain with 3.5" pendant
• Charms from Israel and France
• All natural gemstones

Please allow up to 7-9 days for your one-of-a-kind talisman to ship. 
All DL jewelry is 100% quality guaranteed and exchangeable

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